Thursday, May 31, 2012

The final photos - a Photo a Day in May

These are the final photos from my month long challenge. I have to admit that I've really enjoyed myself. The last couple of days I was sick and I almost forgot to take a photo, but I made myself do it and I think it was worth it.
So here are my final photos for May:

This USB came from a Practice Managers meeting - you pull the Nurses head off and then stick her body into the computer. But sometimes when I go to pull her out her legs come off, and it's just her torso sticking out of the computer. Strange.

We're surrounded by so much technology that I struggled to choose what to take a photo of. It could have been my iPad, iPhone, Computer or anything. But then I saw these boxes sitting on the floor, ready to go to new staff, and thought "Ah, that'll do!".

Because I'm still renting I struggle to do as much as I'd like around the house - like painting, or putting up shelves, or installing cupboards - so I make do with other decorating options such as throws and cushions. Previous to this my couch was covered with a blue cover and had a couple of pink cushions and a pink throw on it. I like it much better with the blue on bone!

The bags made by Madame Clochette are definitely unusual. They're made using bangles and they are fairly petite, which makes them ideal for a cocktail party where you need your hands free to drink champagne and eat canapes!

At 12 o'clock on this day I was on my way to Sydney to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys live in concert. I almost forgot to take a photo, but luckily we stopped for petrol just around 12, so that prompted me. It was quite windy!

On the way home from Sydney I had stocked up on some Road Trip food, including Fruit Pastilles - the red ones are my favourite!

Weather in Canberra is quite 'fresh' at the moment. You can easily feel in the air that there must be snow on the mountains - this has been proved by the fact that one of the snow fields is opening a week early!

Our honeymoon will be taking place in Bali and that means that my Fiance requires a passport. It will be his first international trip and I'm really excited for him, and to experience it with him!

I found the "Your Personality" photo a tricky one - what is my personality? Sometimes I'm like an old lady, doing my knitting. Other times I'm on my motorbike wanting to go fast. Sometimes I think I have multiple personalities. Then I realised that one of these prints I made may fit perfectly. It's vintage - I always think I was born in the wrong century! It's got a lot on it - there are always a million things on my mind! And it features costumes from movies - I really identify with the line from Sleepless in Seattle - "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie!"

Well Joel hates this painting, but I love it. I bought the print off eBay and had it framed and I just adore it. The elegance of it, the vintage, the not quite perfect painting. It's lovely. And as I'm typing this I realise that you can see me in the glass (how embarrassing!!).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 3 - Photo a day in May

Week 3 of my 'Photo a day in May' has seemed to just fly by! And here is a summary of photos from the past 7 days:

Sometimes just having to go to Woolies after work can be the straw that breaks the camels back! So when I had been complaining about being tired and stressed Joel said, I'll go to the shops and get stuff for dinner. That included steaks, salsa and asparagus (the crumpets are for breakfast!).

I highly recommend you try the steaks, salsa and asparagus. Take a steak (rump or something like that) and chuck it under the grill for roughly 4 minutes each side. Then, once it is cooked, spoon some salsa on top of the stake, lay some asparagus on top of the salsa, then top with cheese and put back under the grill until the cheese is melted. Served on a bed of sweet potato mash with some steamed vegies.....yummy!
I've taken to reading books on my iPad because they're lighter to carry and cheaper too! This is the second book in the Game of Thrones series and it is so good. Or WAS so good, I've already finished it and I'm about to start book 3! Warning: these books are highly addictive!

Isn't a KitKat just a great snack? I certainly think so!

I had so many options for this 'Something you made' photo, I could have taken photos of cross stitched cards, dresses I've made, scarfs I've knitted, cakes I've baked and decorated...and then I thought "what do all of these things have in common?" Answer: the mess I make while being creative!!!

A favourite place of mine really is when I'm sitting with both Joel and Winston - and since Winston has been so cuddly lately I've been very content.

Well let's be reasonable, no one can live without food. This was breakfast on Sunday. I boil the eggs, Joel does the toast. Works quite well really.
I really do stand in the world of eHealth. My role at work has just changed to focus entirely on eHealth and since the government is committing funding to support the implementation of its eHealth initiatives I know I won't be out of a job for a while yet!

There are only 10 photos left to take. I think I will save the next summary for once I've finished all 31 photos, and hopefully I can try to be a little bit creative for the final 10.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

To veil or not to veil

I had decided, before I even got engaged, that I would be wearing a Viktoria Novak headpiece on my wedding day - no veil, just something fabulous like this:
Cherish by Viktoria Novak - photo from
But I have since been to a few weddings where people have worn veils and my married friends have expressed their dissapointment in the fact that they didn't wear a veil. A lot of people have said "if I could get married again, I'd wear a veil". And then Viktoria Novak posted the following photo and confused me even more!
Cloche Veil by Viktoria Novak - photo from
So I started thinking about why brides wear veils, and this is what I discovered:

  • Veils are used to symbolise virginity/purity and the lifting of the veil (by either the father or new husband) at the end of the ceremony is the symbolic 'consummating' of the marriage.
  • Lifting of the veil was often part of ancient wedding ritual symbolising the Groom taking possession of the Bride.
So after discovering that information I'm back to not wanting a veil - I don't like the idea of a symbolic 'consummation' of my marriage in front of everyone! And the idea of my future husband taking 'possession' of me, well I don't think so!

Did you wear a veil for your wedding? And would you do it again, or go back and wear one if you didn't originally?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 2 - photo a day in May

So here are the next 14 photos in my Photo a day in May challenge:

I think this was actually a bit of a mistake on my part - a friend has also been doing this 'photo a day in May' and she posted a smell she adores! That would make more sense considering the subject for day 10!

This really is something that I do every day - I do fiddle with my iPad every single day! I created this photo using the app 'Paper' from, and I actually had a comment from a stranger via Instagram! Which made me realise that I have random strangers following me on Instagram! I have to admit that I was pretty happy to realise that random strangers want to see my photos.

I really do love the word "VoVo". Go on, say it. It just feels good to say it. Iced VoVo's also taste really good!

I was a bit disappointed by this topic because I don't have a dream kitchen. It is quite big, really big actually. But it is a second hand kitchen that was pulled out of one persons house and then installed in the granny flat that I there are a few rough edges. So this is a photo from a magazine!

A cup of tea really does make me happy. I think it's because growing up my Mum was always making a cup of tea, and it is always the thing to offer when you're feeling down.

Mother's Day saw me take my Mum out for Tepenyake for lunch. She wasn't too keen to start with, but she actually really enjoyed it. It was a good time with lots of food, and I caught some fried egg in my mouth and fried rice in my bowl!

Ah grass. Grass where it shouldn't be. I think it is the bane of my existence! I don't know why, but grass growing where it shouldn't be just really frustrates me. I spent a couple of hours one day pulling out heaps of grass from this rockery because you couldn't even see the rocks, but it just keeps growing back! Agh!!

The next 7 subjects are:
15. Love (this will either be a photo of me and Joel, or me and Winston)
16. What you're reading (this will be easy, the second 'Game of Thrones' book on my iPad)
17. Snack (this may end up being more photos of Iced VoVo's!)
18. Something you've made (I make heaps of stuff...not sure what I'll choose)
19. A favourite place (hmmm....may end up being a photo of my bed!)
20. Something you can't live without (I don't like to think of myself as so dependant on anything....but I'm sure there is something!)
21. Where you stand (where do I stand? I probably don't stand still for long enough to be classed as standing anywhere!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 1 - photo a day in May

Here are my first 7 shots from my 'Photo a day in May' challenge.

This one I was a bit stuck on - I had a look at some other photos after I had posted this and there were a lot of other things I could have done! Oh well, pieces of chocolate it is!

I really wanted to take a photo of a Nissan Skyline for this shot, but it was just too tricky to try and track one down, so you get a shot of the skyline on the way to work where they're building new suburbs in Canberra.

My description is too long for the photo!! This is 3. Something you wore. And this is the necklace that my sister gave me for my 30th. She has the other wing.

I always have fun at the hairdressers, especially when two stylists are blow-drying my hair!! It makes me feel very high maintenance, but it's fun!

This was a bit of a cheat - I had made and decorated this cake a couple of days ago, so when the 'Bird' photo came out I just took a photo of the bird on my cake, rather than trying to take a photo of a live one!

I wasn't really feeling very photogenic over the weekend (even though I had just had my hair done) so I thought I would take a photo of the 'You' I use when I'm making myself a dress. And yep, that is a big framed St Kilda thingy in the background - it's not mine!

My caption has dropped off again! This is 7. Someone who inspires you. There is a woman at my work who inspires me, but I'm not sure she'd like to have her photo over the internet! So I picked the other person who inspires me, Dita Von Teese. She inspires me for a number of reason including the fact that she always looks lovely, showing that she makes an effort every day. And also the fact that she's a natural blonde, but has chosen to be brunette, and you never see her regrowth! (I think Dita might deserve a post of her own soon).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo a Day in May

This morning while checking FaceBook I saw a post about taking a 'Photo a Day in May' and I thought that was a brilliant idea!! So I'm going to do it. There was a list of things you're meant to photograph each day and I think that will be quite challenging, but I'll see what I can do!

  1. Peace
  2. Skyline
  3. Something you wore today
  4. Fun!
  5. Bird
  6. You
  7. Someone that inspires you
  8. A word you adore
  9. Something you do every day
  10. A favourite word
  11. Kitchen
  12. Something that makes you happy
  13. Mum
  14. Grass
  15. Love
  16. What you're reading
  17. Snack
  18. Something you made
  19. A favourite place
  20. Something you can't live without
  21. Where you stand
  22. Pink
  23. Technology
  24. Something new
  25. Unusual
  26. 12 o'clock
  27. Something sweet
  28. The weather today
  29. A number
  30. Your personality
  31. Something beautiful
I will post all of these photos, one every day, on Instagram (@egeoghegan), FaceBook (Eleonor Geoghegan) and Twitter (@eleonor_g).