Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo a Day in May

This morning while checking FaceBook I saw a post about taking a 'Photo a Day in May' and I thought that was a brilliant idea!! So I'm going to do it. There was a list of things you're meant to photograph each day and I think that will be quite challenging, but I'll see what I can do!

  1. Peace
  2. Skyline
  3. Something you wore today
  4. Fun!
  5. Bird
  6. You
  7. Someone that inspires you
  8. A word you adore
  9. Something you do every day
  10. A favourite word
  11. Kitchen
  12. Something that makes you happy
  13. Mum
  14. Grass
  15. Love
  16. What you're reading
  17. Snack
  18. Something you made
  19. A favourite place
  20. Something you can't live without
  21. Where you stand
  22. Pink
  23. Technology
  24. Something new
  25. Unusual
  26. 12 o'clock
  27. Something sweet
  28. The weather today
  29. A number
  30. Your personality
  31. Something beautiful
I will post all of these photos, one every day, on Instagram (@egeoghegan), FaceBook (Eleonor Geoghegan) and Twitter (@eleonor_g).

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