Sunday, February 8, 2015

Boob Cake - why not!

The perfect photo opportunity - each bride biting a nipple!
How else do you celebrate an engagement than with a boob cake - well if it is for a lesbian couple then it makes perfect sense! I think I'd question my sister-in-laws taste in men if it was a groom requesting a boob cake, but when both partners like boobs, why not!!

I've never made a boob cake before, but after some searching on Pinterest I found a few different methods - the first decision to make was whether the brides wanted a 'Naked' boob cake (buttercream icing and strawberry nipples), or a 'Lingerie' boob cake (using fondant icing to cover the boobs and create the bra). My brides chose a Naked boob cake, which is definitely the easiest.

Now I don't have a spherical cake tin, so I took some advice from Pinterest and utilised a Pyrex (glass) bowl, and I tell you what, it worked perfectly! I greased the bowl using margarine, making sure there was a good coverage, and then poured the cake batter into the bowl. I also wrapped a strip of paper towel in foil and then tied it around the top of the bowl. I don't honestly know if it made a difference or not, but since the cake came out so beautifully I would definitely recommend it.
Make sure you grease the bowl well.

Cake batter in the bowl, with a wet piece of paper towel, wrapped in foil, tied around the top.

After an hour and 15 minutes in the oven, it was cooked beautifully!

Using a spatula to ease it away from the sides, the cake came out beautifully!

I used a packet cake mix for this cake - a White Wings Raspberry Swirl - and it was the ideal amount. Actually, the boobs were maybe a little too perky, so I could have probably used half of the mixture.

Once the cakes were both cool, I wrapped them in glad wrap and put the in the fridge overnight. Then I trimmed off the tops to make sure they were even, and covered them in buttercream - so easy!

Using a bread knife, the cakes are really easy to level off.

Thankfully the "rough buttercream" look is on trend at the moment - makes for quick icing!
Decorate the cake with strawberries - one on top of each (secured with a tooth pick) to create nipples, and I put some around the bottom of the cake as well, just so I didn't waste any! My husband, however, critiqued my nipples and said that I should have made them a bit shorter and less prominent. What do you think?