Thursday, May 31, 2012

The final photos - a Photo a Day in May

These are the final photos from my month long challenge. I have to admit that I've really enjoyed myself. The last couple of days I was sick and I almost forgot to take a photo, but I made myself do it and I think it was worth it.
So here are my final photos for May:

This USB came from a Practice Managers meeting - you pull the Nurses head off and then stick her body into the computer. But sometimes when I go to pull her out her legs come off, and it's just her torso sticking out of the computer. Strange.

We're surrounded by so much technology that I struggled to choose what to take a photo of. It could have been my iPad, iPhone, Computer or anything. But then I saw these boxes sitting on the floor, ready to go to new staff, and thought "Ah, that'll do!".

Because I'm still renting I struggle to do as much as I'd like around the house - like painting, or putting up shelves, or installing cupboards - so I make do with other decorating options such as throws and cushions. Previous to this my couch was covered with a blue cover and had a couple of pink cushions and a pink throw on it. I like it much better with the blue on bone!

The bags made by Madame Clochette are definitely unusual. They're made using bangles and they are fairly petite, which makes them ideal for a cocktail party where you need your hands free to drink champagne and eat canapes!

At 12 o'clock on this day I was on my way to Sydney to see New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys live in concert. I almost forgot to take a photo, but luckily we stopped for petrol just around 12, so that prompted me. It was quite windy!

On the way home from Sydney I had stocked up on some Road Trip food, including Fruit Pastilles - the red ones are my favourite!

Weather in Canberra is quite 'fresh' at the moment. You can easily feel in the air that there must be snow on the mountains - this has been proved by the fact that one of the snow fields is opening a week early!

Our honeymoon will be taking place in Bali and that means that my Fiance requires a passport. It will be his first international trip and I'm really excited for him, and to experience it with him!

I found the "Your Personality" photo a tricky one - what is my personality? Sometimes I'm like an old lady, doing my knitting. Other times I'm on my motorbike wanting to go fast. Sometimes I think I have multiple personalities. Then I realised that one of these prints I made may fit perfectly. It's vintage - I always think I was born in the wrong century! It's got a lot on it - there are always a million things on my mind! And it features costumes from movies - I really identify with the line from Sleepless in Seattle - "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie!"

Well Joel hates this painting, but I love it. I bought the print off eBay and had it framed and I just adore it. The elegance of it, the vintage, the not quite perfect painting. It's lovely. And as I'm typing this I realise that you can see me in the glass (how embarrassing!!).

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