Thursday, May 17, 2012

To veil or not to veil

I had decided, before I even got engaged, that I would be wearing a Viktoria Novak headpiece on my wedding day - no veil, just something fabulous like this:
Cherish by Viktoria Novak - photo from
But I have since been to a few weddings where people have worn veils and my married friends have expressed their dissapointment in the fact that they didn't wear a veil. A lot of people have said "if I could get married again, I'd wear a veil". And then Viktoria Novak posted the following photo and confused me even more!
Cloche Veil by Viktoria Novak - photo from
So I started thinking about why brides wear veils, and this is what I discovered:

  • Veils are used to symbolise virginity/purity and the lifting of the veil (by either the father or new husband) at the end of the ceremony is the symbolic 'consummating' of the marriage.
  • Lifting of the veil was often part of ancient wedding ritual symbolising the Groom taking possession of the Bride.
So after discovering that information I'm back to not wanting a veil - I don't like the idea of a symbolic 'consummation' of my marriage in front of everyone! And the idea of my future husband taking 'possession' of me, well I don't think so!

Did you wear a veil for your wedding? And would you do it again, or go back and wear one if you didn't originally?

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