Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 2 - photo a day in May

So here are the next 14 photos in my Photo a day in May challenge:

I think this was actually a bit of a mistake on my part - a friend has also been doing this 'photo a day in May' and she posted a smell she adores! That would make more sense considering the subject for day 10!

This really is something that I do every day - I do fiddle with my iPad every single day! I created this photo using the app 'Paper' from FiftyThree.com, and I actually had a comment from a stranger via Instagram! Which made me realise that I have random strangers following me on Instagram! I have to admit that I was pretty happy to realise that random strangers want to see my photos.

I really do love the word "VoVo". Go on, say it. It just feels good to say it. Iced VoVo's also taste really good!

I was a bit disappointed by this topic because I don't have a dream kitchen. It is quite big, really big actually. But it is a second hand kitchen that was pulled out of one persons house and then installed in the granny flat that I rent...so there are a few rough edges. So this is a photo from a magazine!

A cup of tea really does make me happy. I think it's because growing up my Mum was always making a cup of tea, and it is always the thing to offer when you're feeling down.

Mother's Day saw me take my Mum out for Tepenyake for lunch. She wasn't too keen to start with, but she actually really enjoyed it. It was a good time with lots of food, and I caught some fried egg in my mouth and fried rice in my bowl!

Ah grass. Grass where it shouldn't be. I think it is the bane of my existence! I don't know why, but grass growing where it shouldn't be just really frustrates me. I spent a couple of hours one day pulling out heaps of grass from this rockery because you couldn't even see the rocks, but it just keeps growing back! Agh!!

The next 7 subjects are:
15. Love (this will either be a photo of me and Joel, or me and Winston)
16. What you're reading (this will be easy, the second 'Game of Thrones' book on my iPad)
17. Snack (this may end up being more photos of Iced VoVo's!)
18. Something you've made (I make heaps of stuff...not sure what I'll choose)
19. A favourite place (hmmm....may end up being a photo of my bed!)
20. Something you can't live without (I don't like to think of myself as so dependant on anything....but I'm sure there is something!)
21. Where you stand (where do I stand? I probably don't stand still for long enough to be classed as standing anywhere!)

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