Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashions on the Field - the finale

The finished product:
Me and Joel in the Mark Waugh Marquee
So after all of my effort, and admittedly a lot of money, this was the finished product - matching handbag, head piece, dress, and there is also a brown and white spotted umbrella there! And guess what....I didn't win!
I didn't even make it into the finals! I was kind of upset about it, but then I realised if I had have won I would have been hanging around the stage for over three hours missing out on actually enjoying the day.
As it was I was corralled like cattle behind the stage for over an hour! I missed the beginning of lunch and I had to have the scraps the no one else wanted, I missed out on an hour of drinking, and I missed betting on at least 1 race!

On the plus side, I backed the winner of the Black Opal Stakes and the Canberra Cup...although I didn't actually realise it until a couple of days later because I was so drunk! My fiancĂ© had collected my winnings for me, so I had the money, but I didn't realise how good my picks had been!

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