Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fashions on the Field - part 2

I didn't post anything once I started sewing the actual dress, but thankfully I am done! I thought I was going to be done pretty quickly, and I got very excited, but then I put the dress on and it was all wrong!

The pattern was too big for me, and even though I put the dress together in calico first, it just didn't work straight away. I had to adjust the bodice so that the sash on the waist was a bit higher. And then I had another moment of thinking I was almost done....until the zip I had pain-stakingly inserted broke!!

So I has to un-pick the zip and then buy a new one and then insert it again! Ugh!! But finally it worked. It didn't fit perfectly though, and so I had to use a few darts and my fiance helped with pointing out where they were needed at the back.

Finally the dress was completed, I did a quick machine 'blind stitch' hem, and then added some tulle to a slip, and phew! Done! Complete! Finished! THANK GOD!!

I have my head piece (by Viktoria Novak) and my hand bag (by Madame Clochette), a brown and white spotted umbrella, brown gloves, Wittner shoes, stockings and the outfit is complete.

Now wish me luck that this hasn't all been in vain!

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