Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cake Decorating - first class

On Monday night I attended my very first class on Cake Decorating. I have decided to learn Cake Decorating because I don't want to spend heaps of money on a wedding cake, however my fiance has since pointed out that the cost of the class would have actually covered the cost of the cake. But this is a life skill!! I will be able to decorate cakes up the wazooyie from now on! Think of the beautiful cakes I'll make for our children! These are the excuses I give.

The class consists of 10 students and is taught by a woman named Floss. The first class was fun and we learnt how to make Royal Icing, how to pipe letter and squiggles, and how to pipe the outline of letters and then fill them in, like so:

We will learn a number of different techniques throughout the five classes, and one of those techniques will be stencilling. I'm looking forward to this because I think that is what I want to do on my wedding cake. I have a damask theme running through the wedding (bonbanarie and stationary at the moment), and so I would love to have a damask border around the cake.

One of the really interesting things that I learnt (simple things I tell you) is that you don't have to pipe lettering directly on to a cake. No!! You pipe it on to some wax paper (or something similar) and then once it's dry you stick it on the cake. So hopefully this could mean that I could trace our names from our invitiations and put it on the cake - I love having things match!

First funny fiance comment (regarding cake decorating) when I mentioned this idea to him was "will it be neat though, or all kind of shaky?". I think he was referring to the fact that the letters from my first class aren't exactly perfect!!

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