Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Naughty shopping

This past week has been a very bad week in regards to shopping. Well the shopping has been quite good, but that fact that I've been shopping at all is the bad thing.

I think it could have been a reaction to the fact that I recently donated some clothes and shoes to the Salvos. After New Years I decided to clean out my closet and throw out the things that I haven't worn since I moved into my Granny Flat. The throw-out bag ended up containing a number of nice shoes, dresses, and things that I had bought thinking I was still a size 6!

And so, in reaction to this clean out, I have bought 3 pairs of shoes in 3 days! Argh! But they were all on sale. Pair 1, pictured below, were only $30 reduced from $80. Pair two are potential wedding shoes from Tony Bianco, rrp:$190 - on ebay:$90! And then pair 2 are for my Black Opal Stakes Day outfit, and I was told to buy them by my Milliner. But they were also on sale, rrp:$139.95 - online price: $41.95.

So really I actually saved $258!!

But I really do need to save more and spend nothing - I really want to buy a house, and so I really need to pay off my debts and save for the deposit. Hopefully writing this blog will help me, because I will share my shopping exploits with you and you can publicly shame me!

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