Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pregnancy Fashion - Knit Dresses

I am currently in the 24th week of my first pregnancy, and I am finding 'maternity fashion' to be quite a struggle. Most maternity clothes are made to fit you when you're at your biggest, and that is fair enough. A couple of people have asked me "surely you can get stuff for when you're 3 months pregnant, then 6 months, etc.?", but considering the financial investment in a wardrobe to wear for just a couple of months, I can understand why this isn't the case. I have been very fortunate to receive a heap of maternity clothes from my friends, meaning that I hopefully won't have to purchase much at all.

The problem with pregnancy, however, is that there are certain times in your pregnancy when you're too big for your regular clothes, but not really big enough for maternity clothes (unless you're happy to look frumpy, which when you're already in an emotional state is not a good thing). This has been the phase that I've been in for at least a month now since I 'popped'.

What I have found works are dresses - wrap dresses, empire waisted dresses, and knit dresses. They don't have to be maternity dresses and they'll still give you some space around your expanding waist line. I've been able to utilise quite a few dresses from my current wardrobe, as well as being supplemented by many of my friends who have finished having their babies and have passed me many of their maternity clothes.
Rocking a knit dress from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe
(thankfully a cold change in the weather made this outfit possible!).
I am planning to make some maternity skirts and tops that will hopefully emphasise my bump, not try to hide it, and I will post any of my successes (and possibly my failures as well) on here to hopefully inspire some other first time mums. I may even document the many 'make-dos' I implement with my pre-pregnancy wardrobe...although they are pretty embarrassing!!

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