Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A more focused blog

As you would be able to tell, I haven't been blogging very much at all.

I think that I get a bit distracted by the types of things that I could be blogging about, and then just don't end up blogging at all. This blog features posts on all sorts of things from sewing, cake decorating, historical women and more! It is really quite haphazard.

So I have launched a new blog today called "Elegant Duchess" which will be focused on one topic - a book called "Entertaining with Elegance" from 1966 and how it applies, or doesn't apply, today. Elegant Duchess will go through this book, chapter by chapter, and will provide a summary of what the book advises and then a comparison to what occurs today.

This blog I will leave open for when I want to blog about crafty stuff - but I'm honestly not sure how much blogging I will do, and I definitely won't commit to anything! I thought at the end of last year that I would start blogging more, but then my cat was run over by a car and had to have his front right leg amputated - so that has all been quite stressful, and my craft has suffered a bit because of it.
I've still been doing a bit of cross-stitch, and some sewing, but I find my inability to focus on one project or craft to be fairly extreme at the moment.

Head over to my new blog where, hopefully, there will be regular posts on all things 'entertaining'.

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