Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Me!

I'm not usually one for new years resolutions, in fact my resolution for the past couple of years has been "take more photos". And while I've put my camera in my handbag, and have a camera on my phone, I never really succeed in taking more photos.
But this year I have been encouraged by some friends to join them in a bit of a fitness push for 12 weeks, specifically the 12 Week Body Transformation which is run by Michelle Bridges - check out

My goal isn't really to lose 'weight', but to lose some fat. My measurements are currently:
Bust - 33"
Under Bust - 30" (this is where I found I put on a heap of weight in the last 12 months)
Waist - 29"
Hips - 39"

From my post in January last year, "Baby Got Back" you'll see that really I'd just like to be in proportion. In order to do this I need to lose some waist, really about 4 inches. So that is my goal: get my waist measurement to 25" - hopefully while keeping my boobs at 33"!

A photo from January 2013 - unfortunately showing my belly and under-bust fat! Let's hope there is an obvious difference at the end of this program.

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