Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Over the Christmas/New Year break I went a little bit mental in regards to the little garden in my courtyard. It was so overgrown with weeds and this big annoying pink flower thing that I hate. So one day I got home and just started ripping everything out of it. Yep, mental!
I wish I had have taken a photo of it before I got to ripping, but I was just too mental to stop and think. So everything got ripped out and then I went to Bunnings to find some flowers to plant. I have succeeded beautifully!!

Check out this photo, taken shortly after planting:

And now, just 1 month after planting:

I have to say, I am pretty damned impressed with myself! I have managed to remember to water them, and weed (bloody grass-like weeds), almost every day! And I am reaping the benefits!! I think I might get some more, they make me happy. Snapdragons always remind me of the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland. Although when you watch the following YouTube video you'll see that there aren't any Snapdragons in that scene!!

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